Beaches: San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico


San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico

San Juan National Historic Site, Unesco World Heritage Site

This significant Puerto Rican tourist attraction includes Forts San Cristbal, San Felipe del Morro, and San Juan de la Cruz (also known as El Cauelo), Paseo del Morro National Recreation Trail, plus bastions, powder houses, and 3/4 of the city wall; all of these structures surround the old, colonial portion of San Juan, Puerto Rico - the Ft San Juan de la Cruz section is located at Isla de Cabras at the western end of the entrance to San Juan Bay.

The Spanish spent over 250 years protecting this highly strategic location in Puerto Rico, enabling Spain controlled access in and out of the Caribbean Sea and to protect the city and the Bay of San Juan. They represent an excellent display of European military architecture adaption to tropical islands in the American continent.

The forts of Old San Juan are must see attractions for visitors, enabling you to go back in time almost 500 years - the experience is equally enjoyable for children and adults as they discover these massive, historic fortifications while navigating through tunnels, dungeons, ramps, and barracks, stairways, cannons, arched passages, and the famous Garitas.

Bring your camera to capture many of the abundant photo opportunities with beautiful San Juan Bay as the ideal back-drop.

Address: 501 Norzagaray Street, San Juan, PR 00901
Hours: Daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, except Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's.
Telephone: 787-729-6960

San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico

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